Looking After Medication for Borderline Personality?

Is Borderline Personality disorder making your life unbearable and looking after medication?

Medication is widely used not only for medical conditions but also in mental disorders illnesses and diseases.

Yes, you read that right. There is a basic difference between a mental illness and a mental disease which is often misunderstood, even by professionals.

The term mental illness represents a mental condition caused by a physical and/or physiological deficiency of the brain. Examples of such mental illnesses are schizophrenia, epilepsy, retardation, or learning and language problems.

However a mental disorder is also a mental condition but caused by cognitive and emotional factors. Examples of mental disorders are anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and personality disorders.

Although the symptoms can be very similar in both mental conditions, their backgrounds are completely different and they need to be addressed accordingly in order to really make a difference.

Consequently you need to understand how drugs work and how personality is represented in the brain in order to understand Synapse xt if medication is going to really help with borderline personality.

No matter the personality, good or less good, is basically a set of information processing patterns, attitudes, and general beliefs regarding the self, others, and the world we live in.

All these are informational data we use automatically and unaware as parts of the basic aspects of the self, our personality.

These informational datas are accumulated by the brain in the form of synapses, physical connections between prolongations of nerve cell bodies.

So synapses are created as new experiences and information we face are stored in the brain.

Moving on, let’s see how medication works and if it can really make a difference to your borderline personality.

We all know that basically medical drugs are chemical substances.

When a pill enters our body, the chemical substances it contains will be distributed evenly to all cells by the blood stream. In the brain these substances will make the effects we are looking for (e.g. calmness, less anxiety, less depression etc) by changing the natural bio-chemical balance and not by “rewiring” the synapses.

The brain requires new information and experiences to rewire its synapses, thus modeling a new personality.

Consequently the medication will be eliminated after a while so in order to maintain the effects a regular intake of the medication is required, which can almost certainly lead to addiction.

So medication is not addressing the real causes of borderline personality disorder, but merely masking the symptoms by adding more problems on the long run.

You should take psychotropic medication only prescribed and supervised by your physician or psychiatrist. It is advisable to use drugs only if your mental disorder is impending seriously your daily routine or the psychological treatment.

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