Unique Gifts for Men, Tailoring the Gift to the Man

The four men in my life are all true characters, and about as different as four people can be. Finding unique gifts for men who are uniquely individual themselves, is an exercise for my most creative self. After all, I want my favorite guys to be excited and happy when they open their gifts, thrilled with my brilliant choices.

Don is a divo type: affluent, capable of providing himself (and already has) with all the trinkets and toys of success. He’s the man who has everything. What could I possibly give him that he doesn’t already have? He is definitely my biggest challenge. It has occurred to me to give him a month of meditation on a mountaintop in Tibet. That might be a gift he really needs, but is it a gift he wants? Even if I could afford it, he’d probably reject it as boring. Typically, I have given him clothes: cashmere (always appropriate), sports jackets from Ralph Lauren, well tailored shirts. This year, his gift has to be different, a “spot on” unique choice.

Kyle is another case. His nature is rather blasé about everything except for certain interests which include: gardening, cooking, some aspects of design. He’s finicky about those things as well, so pleasing him with an interesting and unique gift requires a great deal of thought and endless searching. Sooner or later, though, I know I’ll find the gift that will put a big smile on his face. In my quest for unique gifts for men, Kyle presents some interesting challenges.

Sean is the sportsman. He’s not interested in clothes, although he needs them badly. With his superb physique and great looks, he could easily land on the cover of GQ. When I give him clothes he obligingly puts them on and makes platitudes about how terrific they are อนิเมะซับไทย, but I know he’s just humoring me. He’d much rather be in his 3 dollar job lot shorts and shirt, hiking or playing golf. So, maybe clothes are not an ideal choice for Sean. It’s a shame because he’s so much fun to dress. Maybe I can find some camping equipment he doesn’t already have, or perhaps has never heard of. But that’s doubtful.

Tad is the bookworm of the group. I know that if I can find just the right subject to hook him, an intellectual challenge, a book will bliss him out. But what book has Tad not read? It’s always a gamble. I once gave him a book of quotes that he had a lot of fun with. But there has to be something other than books that will snag his imagination. After all, I don’t want to be repetitive and predictable.

The gift that doesn’t thrill the recipient is not a successful gift. The perfunctory gift is not worth giving. Funny thing is I never have this much trouble finding exciting gifts for my female family members and friends. I guess it’s a matter of being able to relate to certain things yourself. I know that if I love it, she’ll love it. But, men? A different thing altogether. Who knows what will grab their imaginations and delight them? Hence, my never-ending search for unique gifts for men that are just the right gifts.

There is one thing all four of my guys have in common. They all love to cook and they are all four excellent cooks. Many men have discovered their latent culinary genius and spend time “winding down” in the kitchen, while creating something amazing to eat. Now that opens an avenue of opportunity for the gifter. There is some gorgeous cookware on the market for serious cooks, and there are some wonderful foods, oils and condiments that every good cook would appreciate having in his/her pantry. Even a food gift basket, in which you select and design the contents yourself, is a wonderful gift for a foodie. Adding to the person’s collection of excellent cookbooks is another way to go, especially if you focus on a cuisine that is of interest to the recipient, such as Mexican, Thai, or Moroccan.

I’ve found a few other things, and put them in my arsenal, awaiting the right occasion. Came across a technologically advanced home-beer-making kit for Tad. I know he loves beer, and this is his chance to become a real aficionado. Maybe I’ll even get him a BOOK on the history of beer. I also found him a leather beer holster to strap to his hip while he is working at the grill! He’ll either love it or hate it. Wish me luck.

For Sean, I picked up a copy of Anthony Bourdain’s most recent book, entitled Medium Raw. He can read it and channel his inner Cave Man, which I know lurks not far from the surface. Haha. And he adores popcorn… but he eats the micro-wave-preservative-laden stuff. Not healthy. I think he’ll enjoy a heavy-duty popcorn maker for movie nights. If you’re going to eat popcorn, eat the good stuff!

Found some unique foot therapy slippers for Don. Double layers of weather-proof poly foam will cushion his piggies all winter long. Who wouldn’t love that? Are they too lackluster? Maybe I’ll do the spa thing and throw in a thick, luxurious, Turkish terry robe with his initials embroidered on the lapel. And a good bottle of Prosecco. At home with the pampered man. Yes, I think he’ll enjoy that.

Kyle is always throwing his jacket into the back of the car, getting it all rumpled. He could probably really use a high-tech steam brush to restore his clothes to “just-back-from-the-tailor” perfection. A great book on Architecture or Interior Design is something that Kyle would definitely appreciate. He has a collection of Christmas tree ornaments, so maybe he would enjoy a collectible crystal unicorn or blown glass Santa. Kyle has a passion for ice cream, so a Cuisinart ice cream maker could be an enjoyable gift.

Unique gifts for men, but ones which are truly useful and desirable, have to be carefully calculated for the individual. Which men in your life want to own a beef jerky maker? Actually, I think Sean might. But giving it to Kyle would lay the egg of the century.

So my search continues for unique gifts for men, my men, that is. I’m getting closer. My shopping has produced some inspiring results. I hope my guys will be pleased!


Karen S

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