5 Common Orthodontic Myths You Might Have Heard

There are quite a few myths in relation to braces so here we’ll be dispelling them to make you more comfortable getting orthodontic treatment for yourself.

Myth #1: The more tight the wires are, the better.

You might believe that tighter adjustments and heavier force will shift the teeth quicker. While a certain degree of pressure is essential to align your teeth, a force level that is too high can deteriorate the bones and adjacent tissues.

When attached to your dental brackets, these rigid metallic wires exerted strong forces resulting in more pain and discomfort for the affected individual จัดฟัน. These days, with new technology and variable orthodontic wires, there’s much less discomfort regarding orthodontic treatment.

Extra-elastic orthodontic wires of the present day are able to be bent into several different shapes and then bounce back into their “U” Shaped form. If you have crooked teeth, these new oral wires can be attached to your misaligned teeth and provide a continuous gentle force to straighten them without the need to modify the wire often.

When using the limited orthodontic wires of the old orthodontia days, when a wire was employed that put a lot of pressure on the tooth, the oral bracket would either break off a tooth or the orthodontic wire would be completely ruined and not shift the teeth at all!

Myth #2: Wisdom teeth induce crowding.

If this is true, then teeth would not get packed after the wisdom teeth were removed.

The truth is, individuals who never developed wisdom teeth or those who have had their wisdom teeth taken out may still see teeth become uneven after some time. Teeth tend to drift forward over time no matter whether or not you have wisdom teeth.

Myth #3: Just braces can straighten teeth.

With new technologies, it is now feasible to get straight teeth without ever having to use braces.

Invisalign Braces (which are actually transparent aligners and not braces by any means) are the most favored solution to aligning your teeth with no oral braces. Nevertheless, before you become too excited, realize that Invisalign does have its limitations.

One example is, The Invisalign system might not be the most effective orthodontic alternative for correcting certain bite issues or severely crooked teeth. An effective way to check if Invisalign clear braces can straighten your teeth would be to find an Invisalign provider and schedule an appointment.

Myth #4: Your spaces will start closing once the oral braces are attached.

In many cases, these patients are disenchanted after a few months when the spaces haven’t closed, or perhaps even gotten bigger.

The problem with closing spaces is the fact that it calls for a managed process of orthodontic braces and wires to close up spaces. Generally, your teeth must be entirely aligned before the gaps start to close up.

Getting your teeth straight and your bite right is just half the battle. Keeping your teeth straight after having your braces removed is the rest of the battle.

Your teeth are attached to your bone by elastic fibers. As your teeth are shifted to their new straightened positions, some of the elastic fibers become stretched and others are compressed. After the braces are removed, all these elastic fibers will tend to push and pull the teeth back to their initial location. That’s why retainers are needed when your braces are removed to maintain your straight teeth.

Myth #5: Having a mild overbite is a negative factor.

Men and women with absolutely no overbite (whose teeth bite together in the front) start breaking down their front teeth as time passes. Therefore, a small overbite actually prevents the teeth from wearing down.

Naturally, a substantial overbite is usually problematic so a tiny overbite of merely 2 to 3 millimeters is ideal. Whilst it may seem like an easy correction to just put on braces on the lower teeth to align them, at times, having only lower braces could cause issues.

Hopefully checking out this info will make you more at ease acquiring oral braces so that you can be on your way to a healthy smile!

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