How Can I Preserve Dried Foods?

Dried foods are those that are made into dried products without leaving them any longer than necessary. They are usually stored in airtight containers to keep them fresh for long. It is important to dry foods properly so that the process is done right and they retain their nutritional value. When food is properly stored, it helps preserve its nutrients and thus improves our health. Here are five important reasons why you should always store your dried foods.

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A food dehydrator helps dry your food. Most food preservation techniques involve the use of a food dehydrator such as those found in home centers or health stores. Drying through dehydration slows down the growth of mold, bacteria, and yeasts through the loss of water.

Dried fruits and vegetables are a healthy alternative to dried meats and other processed foods. There are many healthy reasons why dried foods are better than their fresh counterparts. First of all, dried fruits are rich in fiber, which is beneficial for our diets. Dried fruits are also very nutritious, packing plenty of vitamins and minerals in each dried piece of fruit. Vegetables on the other hand, are very low in fiber but pack a surprising amount of nutrients in their fruit and leafy pieces king nafoods.

Dried vegetables and fruits dried without preserving their moisture lose most of their nutrients even before they are eaten. So, it is best to dry your own vegetables and fruits to retain as much of their nutritional value as possible. Making sure that they remain moist after they have been dried is equally important. For this, you can make use of either paper towels or a damp cloth to absorb the remaining moisture. Dried foods are usually kept in air-tight containers to preserve their moisture. This way, you can be sure that your family is eating healthy and getting all the nutrients that they need from your dried foods.

While complete drying is an effective process, partial drying can also be used to retain moisture. In this method, some parts of the fruit and vegetable are dried first and the rest is left to dry in its own little space. This way, complete moisture is retained. Because partial drying preserves the nutrient contents of the dried foods, it is considered to be a healthier option than complete drying.

Of course, we cannot forget our old friend, the plastic bag. Although plastic bags are mostly used for wrapping groceries and other dried foods, they can also be used for drying your own fruits and vegetables. There is no doubt that storing your own dried fruits and vegetables in a plastic bag is more convenient (freezing them at home takes up much storage space), but using the plastic bags to dry your dried fruits and vegetables is also very economical. In fact, using plastic bags to dry vegetables has now become quite a trend and many supermarkets and department stores are now offering dried fruits and vegetables in plastic bags. So if you are planning on starting your own home business or just want to save money, try dry-fruits and vegetables and you will surely not regret it.

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