Getting a Flat Belly Without Exercise

We all want to look thin. We want to look so voluptuous and pulchritudinous but sometimes we tend to eat too much. How can we achieve a flat belly even though we do not exercise? There are three factors that contribute in making a not-too-flat stomach. These factors are weight gain, gas and bloat. It is true that exercise helps you to achieve a flat belly but there are other ways besides exercising that can make you have a flat belly.

We need to avoid eating gas-forming foods. Gas forming foods are broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower okinawa flat belly tonic and lettuce. It is better to eat bananas, citrus, yogurt, eggs and rice because it is easier to break down and digest.

You need to be very careful in combining your foods because it has an effect on your digestive system. It is better if you can lower down the ratio of your carbohydrates to protein. Did you know that potatoes, rice and bread are under the category of complex carbohydrates that is why you need an alkaline environment for proper digestion? On the other hand, lean beef, turkey, chicken and fish require an acidic environment for proper digestion.

One woman said that she has a flat belly but she never tried exercising. Her secret is to stay hydrated. She said that you must drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. She challenges everyone who reads this and she wants you to prove her wrong. Did you know that when you drink too much water, you will eliminate unwanted calories from your body?

We all do not want to experience fluid retention because it will not give you a flat belly. Remember that foods that are high in sodium can cause your body to retain fluid that is why you need to be aware of what you eat. Instead of eating this kind of food, eat carrots, cucumbers and cantaloupe because this will satisfy your cravings for salty foods.

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