What Does Jack Mason Do?

In one of the more hilarious scenes in the movie Napoleon Dynamite, Jack Mason asks his friend Ben Kingsley (neck-deep in beer) what does it take to become a movie star? To paraphrase the movie, Ben answered, “ADA, motherfucker!” In real life, Jack Mason is known mostly for his starring role as Steve Martin’s best friend on the sitcom Cheers, but he has also managed to make a name for himself in other media. Jack is very popular among musicians and comedy fans alike because he is one of few comic actors who can make fun of almost any aspect of popular culture…even social issues!

So, what does jack mason do? Actually, pretty much anything he darn well wants to. He is an avid fan of several musicians, which probably accounts for his frequent appearances at comedy festivals such as the Montreal Comedy Festival and the Toronto Comedy Festival. Besides that, he’s just about any kind of guy who wears clothing made famous by one of his favorite bands (Daughter, anybody?). You could say he’s the leading comic actor without being the most famous!

It all started in 1993 when he appeared in the quite forgettable movie called Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Yes, the film itself was not bad, but Jack Mason’s performance was so unrecognizable that the film’s producers wisely kept him off of their hit list. It was only once he appeared on a movie poster or on the title screen that people really took notice of him – and his role in that film was so memorable that it became his signature role. No one, including the movie director, was sure what to expect from Jack Mason until the day he stepped into the theater – but once he opened his mouth, he said something that no one had ever heard before and that’s what got him his own series, The Mask. The subsequent series, Bonanza, cemented his reputation as one of the most iconic supporting actors in Hollywood What does Jack Mason do?.

So what does Jack Mason do? Apart from playing the brilliantly funny sheriff in films like Talladega Nights, he has also formed a successful acting career out of his numerous appearances in TV shows like Miami Caller and Californication. In fact, he just finished filming the movie revival of Californication, which is due to air on FX in the summer. One of the main characters in the show is an African American man played by crackpot actor Carlton Karras, and it was Karras who first brought Jack and his partner, Carol Rose, together on the series. Since then, Karras has been one of the most trusted supporting actors in movies as well as television, and he is well-known for his oddball sense of humor and his ability to make oddball characters completely ridiculous.

However, it was his role in the movie Invictus that really put him on the map, and that role would also earn him three additional feature film roles – Major League, Cast Away and Man on the Moon. Though all of those roles succeeded to a certain extent, the best of them may be his appearance in the award-winning movie Rain Main. Though not technically a character, it was Jack’s appearance in this film that elevated him into the pantheon of great Hollywood leading men. It was also his third film in which he would play a complex, slightly morally ambiguous character. His performance would also earn him another Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role, cementing his place in Hollywood.

What does Jack Mason do? He plays the father of two daughters, David and Lauren, in the movie Everybody Loves Raymond. The movie is about a married couple who have a daughter (Raylie), and their struggle to save the relationship after their son is killed. Jack also featured in the movie King of the Hill, as an important supporting character. He is also currently involved in the movie version of MacGyver, which has been released by Lionsgate. Though Jack is no stranger to films involving espionage and the like, it seems that his time will come when he will have more starring roles to offer.

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