The Spirit of We Are Fishers

We are Caribou is a brand of Canadian home improvement that has been around since 1970. The company was started with the desire to build quality, stylish homes in both urban and rural settings. In keeping with their commitment to quality and ecological design, every aspect of the design process involves careful consideration of these two important elements.

The heart of We Are Fishers’ style is a blend of European style with modern technology and clean, simple lines. They take inspiration from a variety of sources and constructors have the freedom to create a unique home each time. For the urban family, a modern apartment stacked with stainless steel appliances is a perfect example of contemporary styling. But for the more rural dweller a log cabin on a wooded site could mean the difference between a comfortable and cozy retreat and a place that feels like a backwoods trip through a television station. The use of recycled materials and the planting of trees to make We Are Fishers’ designs as earth friendly as they are imaginative and fun. A clear focus on the environment is one of the trademarks of the brand, as is their devotion to using only sustainable building materials We Are Caribou.

The spirit of We Are Fishers is described in the slogan We Are Nature. This concept is at the core of all of their projects and plays a large role in the design of the products. Everything is crafted with a spirit of sustainability in mind. Materials that are constructed from sustainable sources are cleaned, repaired and repainted when necessary so that these materials are not harmful to nature or humans. Products are designed to last a lifetime and to continue to help new people to experience the wonders of the natural world.

At the heart of every product is the person who will be using it. We are proud of the fact that every one of our house-builders undergoes training in building sustainable homes. Our sales representatives are given job training in community development, so that they understand local issues and how to solve problems. All employees have been through criminal justice training so that they are aware of workplace safety issues and are able to interact with clients in a courteous, professional manner.

Another signature on the spirit of We Are Fishers is their commitment to conservation. They love working with the state and federal wildlife agencies and other landowners so that their ecological footprint is never overlooked. They are experts on land preservation and are dedicated to protecting the delicate balance of the natural habitat. They work closely with state and local officials to prevent illegal activities on state and private lands. In the Endangered Species Act, fishers must work closely with state agencies to save the species that are threatened or are endangered.

The spirit of We Are Fishers was named after the late Environmental Protection Agency head, James E. Wagner. Mr. Wagner recognized the importance of preserving the natural environment. He also realized that government regulation couldn’t cover all of the threats that faced our fisheries. He therefore had two things in mind: education and leverage. He hoped that when enough people understood the importance of his mission, they would come together to make a difference.

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