Can You Use Twitter For Marketing?

A few weeks ago I was reading an article on Twitter about the role of the auto responder. The question was posed to me: “do auto responders have a twitter account?” This was interesting to me because not long ago I was thinking about starting an auto responder for myself. So I decided to see if I could find out the answer myself.

So I loaded up my laptop and went to work. I opened up the Twiter app on my laptop and logged in to my auto responder. What I found was rather interesting. First of all, if you are going to use your auto responder to tweet you need to make sure that you give people permission first otherwise they will be unable to sign up for your list and you will lose a lot of subscribers.

So the next question I set out to answer was does caribou have a twitter account? Well, it seems that it does but there is no way of knowing for sure because it only started doing so recently. It is also interesting to see what other auto responders are doing. Most of them do have a twitter account now but some don’t. So in a way this question can be answered “does caribou have a twitter account” but the answer is not quite there.

So in actual fact does caribou has an auto responder but we can’t tell for sure yet. They haven’t Tweeted anything on the site, so that would be one way of knowing but who knows. Another issue that you could run into is that your account could be suspended if you send the wrong message. Luckily this won’t happen because the auto responder automatically replies to all messages.

Now we know that caribou does have an auto responder but that is probably its last statement before they shut it down. There is a chance that it will shut down again in the near future because of complaints from some of their fans. If this happens then the auto responder may become inactive and you won’t get any messages from them. If this were to happen you would lose any messages you sent and that makes it very frustrating. So it seems that even though the auto responder hasn’t been tweeting posts yet it will most likely be back soon.

Caribou does have a twitter account so you could actually use it if you wanted to. Unfortunately caribou cannot currently use Facebook due to regulations, but they will most likely be getting on it very soon. The auto responder is a great way to stay connected with your fans, but you need to make sure you read their terms of service before you use it. Also make sure you contact them before you start using their service so that you are not held responsible for any messages that aren’t yours or are deleted. Caribou has a social media page but I am not sure how effective it really is.

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