Is The Apostle John Still Alive?

Don’t you just love these whacky questions? Where do I find ’em you might justifiably ask? Well I find ’em on my travels across the web where I discover many strange people with even more strange ideas which, amazingly, they obtain straight out of The King James Bible. Is this hard to believe? You would think so but, no, these people get hold of an idea and they run and run with it until they’re blue in the face. Steam then starts to appear from their ears when one challenges them or even has the temerity to query how they came to their weird conclusion i.e. that the Messenger (apostle) John is still alive and with us today in the year 2013 after the passing of nearly 2,000 years. How wrinkly would he be I wonder? WOW!

John 3:16 - KJV - Bible verse of the day -

Now this topic does raise an interesting point and that point is this: could Yashua Anointed have kept John alive for 2,000 years? Yes I believe He could had He wanted to, but as with all these things we have to ask the question WHY? Why would He have wanted to? And is there anything in the way of proof and evidence within The Holy Scriptures that could truthfully and realistically support such an idea? Is there a verse that even hints at this miraculous notion? Well on first reading there is a Holy Scripture that could, with a great stretch of the imagination, be interpreted this way so let’s copy it here:

Matt 16:28 (KJV) Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see The Son of Man coming in His Kingdom.

Now here in this last verse of Matthew 16 we have Yashua Anointed speaking to His learners (disciples) shortly after Peter had boldly declared to all present that Yashua Anointed was the Messiah (God in the flesh) sent by The Father to redeem (save) all sinful mankind. So this was a very poignant moment in their lives, but what was Yashua Anointed really saying here? I ask this, because this verse is the one which these ‘John is still alive’ people base their ideas.

OK, they do accept correctly that all the other Messengers (apostles) laid down their lives and died for Yashua Anointed and that John was the only Messenger that didn’t lay down his life in the same way in that he lived out his full life, so we all agree on that john 3 16 kjv. The thing is, these people take it a huge step further by interpreting Matthew 16:28 to mean that John would literally not see death at all until he saw Yashua Anointed return to this earth to set up His Kingdom. In other words they believe that John is still with us today awaiting Yashua Anointed’s return. Where he is I have no idea, but they are sure that he IS here and is still alive. Amazing eh?

For me though it all sounds beyond far fetched, even if the above Holy Scripture was correctly translated, which it isn’t, so lets take a look at the Greek MSS transliteral to see if that can throw any light on the matter:

Matthew 16:28 Amen I-am-saying to-you are any of-the-ones here having-stood who-any not no should-be-tasting of-death till ever they-may-be-perceiving the son of-the man coming in the Kingdom of-Him?

No doubt I don’t have to explain this out for you, for as we can plainly see the Greek MSS transliteral has this verse as a question that Yashua Anointed is asking his Learners and not an erroneous statement of fact as the translators of the KJV would like us to believe. Yashua Anointed is asking them if they think there are any among them who will not taste death before His coming in glory and were there any? Of course not, they are all dead in their graves awaiting the resurrection as are all the saints who have died in Yashua Anointed (died still believing) down through the centuries.

So what were the translators up to? Easy, ‘immortality of the soul’ stuff and nonsense along with knowing that some silly people would even interpret this verse as meaning that John would live a physical life until Yashua Anointed’s return – confusion? Unbelievable? You betcha, but there’s nowt so queer as folk, and they’ll believe anything, so be warned and be prepared to give an answer when they start spouting their ‘John is still alive’ nonsense.

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