Learn to Swim – Parent Expectation Of The Coach

During one of the swimming lessons, I received a feedback from the parents regarding my coaching styles. It came as a surprise to me. I have not been receiving any issue from the parents about my coaching methods for the past few years. Hence, I am comfortable of my coaching method which has reached a peak point. However, it also means that my coaching methods have no undergo any changes to adjust to the current student learning mentality. Nowadays, students have a unique way of absorbing knowledge. Thus, I want to upgrade my styles constantly to ignite their learning ability to their optimal. I am grateful to the feedback as I will understand what the parent’s expectations better. The feedback gives me an opportunity to brainstorm on what new methods can be invented to enhance the lessons. I always want efficient communications from parents and students as I strive to bring my coaching experience to another platform.

It is always tough to learn swimming at the beginner stage especially when your children are attending their first swimming lessons. In Singapore swimming lessons, only a handful of swimming school emphasize on gauging the students swim performance before assigning them to the classes which suit to their swimming level. Normally, swim school co-coordinator will assign an available time slot to the parents and if the parents are interested, they will confirm their availability to the class ca intermediate coaching. Swim school coordinator will inform them the status of the class during the registration. The class may be categorized under beginner, intermediate or advanced. Parents must have an understanding that for beginner’s stage, there will be students with different water confidence level attending the lesson together. The lesson must be conducted progressive to ensure the class reaches the same standard together. When there is a new class to start, it will require a timeline and effort to guide the student towards the same standard. During this interval, swimming coach will face stress as the coach will require more time and effort to coach those children who are not water confidence. Thus, for those who are water confident, the parents may feel that their children are just playing games. If I am the coach, I will adopt the same approach of one to one coaching as I want to ensure that information is received by the students. For those who are water confident, these will trigger the concern on what they are learning at the same time. Parents want their children to learn as much as possible during the lesson.

Because of the two different levels group of learning abilities, swimming instructor will face difficulties coaching them the water skills. By imparting more skills, these will certainly benefit the fast learners. However, this will ultimately cause a big gap to those who are lagging behind in term of learning abilities. In this scenario, those students who are slow in learning may lose confidence as they are unable to perform those complex techniques. Parents may expect their kids to follow through. Gradually, this coaching method may cause the students to lose interest in swimming. Thus, I urge those parents who understand their children are of fast learning abilities to consider the situation of the coach and the other students are facing. Nevertheless, swim coach must also strike a balance between these two groups. Swim instructor should not practice the same skill again as these may cause the fast learning group to lose interest. Hence, swimming coach has to plan the lessons earlier to ensure that the lesson is well balanced.

Parents expectation of swimming coach is always changing thus swimming coach has to constantly enhance own coaching methods to achieve it. An efficient communication is advised to ensure that both parties’ concerns are well taken care of.

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