Topical Bible Verse Lessons

Bible at one level is a religious book. On another, it is a treasure trove of information on anything under the Sun. Advice, explanations, suggestions, behavioral patterns and solutions, anything at all. Even if you were to be a non-Christian, the Bible could prove to be an invaluable source of advice on anything. Of all the 100s of such topical verses, compiled here are some of them.


David had been despairing at the probability of getting killed by Saul. In I Samuel 27:1, we see him at his wit’s end but what happened in the end? God not only saved him but restored his glory too.


God’s compassion is limitless. I Kings 8:50 gives us an example of this. In spite of the Israelites’ going wayward and committing all kinds of transgressions, God had compassion for them and forgave them bible verse for me.


How an idle mind works in detriment to oneself has been illustrated in I Timothy 5:11 – 13. It talks about young widows going from house to house and talking of things that do not behave of good women. In deed, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop!


There are hundreds of prophesies that had been foretold in the Bible. There is not one of them which were meant to come in true in their time that has not come true. There are many of them still to happen. You can be sure that they will happen too. Christ, when asked about the end times, tells his disciples in Mathew 24:3 that there would be wars and ravages, earthquakes and floods and the time can be considered near at hand. Does this strike a chord? Now is that time, one is apt to conclude. Repent you, sons of men!


1 Corinthians 3:16-17 is very vocal about addictions that destroy the body. Your body is not really yours. It was a gift from God and you are just a keeper of the property. You can not very well harm something that is in your keeping.


The Bible almost mocks at the all-knowing rational thinkers. It says in Psalms 14:1 that only fools have a notion that God does not exist. Wisdom starts with the fear of God. What it means in the present context is that if you were a proponent of evolution theory, you would consider yourself wise. Bible says you are a fool. It is your choice, really.

Jesus’ Second coming

For 2,000 years, one question that has been begging the answer is “When is Jesus going to come again to the Earth?” Those who have comprehended Jesus’ words on the subject know the answer. Jesus made it clear in Matthew 24: 42-44 that no one including himself knows the answer to that question. He would come even as a thief comes: unannounced!

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