Las Vegas – It’s Not Just Casinos

Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the most popular destinations in the world, renowned for its gambling casinos and exotic shows. People flock here, from all over the world, but some of these visitors are not into just gambling. Many would like to see what there is to do when not in the casino.

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The Nevada landscape offers amazing sights, within a few hours from the gambling strip, for those who take the time to visit. There are many companies who offer, half-day, one-day or longer, trips. Visitors, who have rented a car, can easily drive themselves to these attractions, allowing them to stay as long as they wish, on their own time schedule.

One of Nevada’s oldest state parks, The Valley of Fire, is about an hours drive. It got it’s name from the red sandstone formations, caused by great shifting sand dunes, million of years ago. Visitors will be amazed at the unusual rock formations, sculpted by the forces of wind and water, over the centuries. Other amazing sights, 3,000 year old Indian Petrographs, historic stone cabins, which were built in the 1930’s, as shelter for passing travellers and The Mouse Trap 토토검증사이트, a natural rock basin, where water collects and stays, sometimes for months. It was named after a southern Paiute indian renegade, of the same name, who hid out here in the 1890’s.

Another outstanding Nevada landmark, Red Rock Canyon, is less than 20 miles from the Las vegas Strip. The sight of these giant monoliths, formed by nature over the centuries, into arches, natural bridges, and massive painted sculptures of grey to white sandstone, contrast with the orange and green linchen and spring-fed areas of lush foliage. The easiest way to see the Canyon is by the 13 scenic drives, which is really a loop, once you start you must go the whole way. Or take a tour and leave the driving to others.

For those who would prefer not to leave the Strip, there is lots to see. There are tropical rainforests, exotic birds, a shark reef, a free show of dancing waters, music and light, a secret garden and dolphin habitat, and of course shopping, just to name of few of what you can see and do.

However, the heart pounding thrills, high atop one of the hotels on the Strip, maybe equal to winning that big jackpot. The Stratosphere Tower juts 1149 feet into the Vegas skyline offering rides not found elsewhere – Sky Jump, a controlled free fall from more than 800 feet; Big Shot, shoots into the air 160 feet at 45 mph; X-Scream, a giant teeter-totter, and the scariest of all, Insanity, a mechanical arm that extends 64 feet over the edge and spins at 3g’s. For the faint of heart, enjoy the views of Las Vegas, from the Tower’s Observation deck.

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