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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for online store is an extremely important topic that you would have to work upon if you really want to succeed with your ecommerce business. You will probably spend most of your time on this because in the end this is what will determine whether or not you will succeed with your online stores. I have experimented with this many times myself and have found that no matter how good your products are or how attractive looking your online store is, if you do not implement the right SEO techniques, you will end up not making a lot of money. This is because good SEO practices means good Search Engine rankings and good SERP’s (Search engine Results pages) means more traffic which in the end means good traffic. And traffic is exactly what will make your ecommerce store successful because the more the traffic, i.e. more customers equals more conversions with respect to sales which in turn means more money. So pay attention to this article and understand why it is important and how to implement the right SEO strategies for your online store.

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First off, you must know that there are 2 parts to successful optimization.

On-page optimization – In this part, you will be focusing on what parts of the webpages in your online store, you can optimize better озон. Though this is not as important as it used to be and off-page optimization for your online store can help you much better, it would still not hurt to optimize your content since it could turn out to be the deciding factor when it comes to a good Search Engine Ranking.

Doing this is very simple. Whenever you are writing a post or an article or are just putting content in the webpages of your online store, just follow some simple steps and it will help a lot. I will list some of the steps that you could take. Put the keyword that you are using and want to rank high in Google or other search engines for in the title of your post. I am specifically referring to the title because normally, titles have h1 tags. If you do not know what an h1 tag is, look up the source of the webpage and look for a tag and make sure that you put the main theme keyword in this tag because search engines will know what your website is about and what to rank you highly for. Another thing that you could do is to bolden, italicize or underline your keywords. Also, make sure that you use your keyword pretty frequently in your article. But do not overdo it.

Off page Optimization – This method is really vast and can never be completed perfectly. Basically it refers to getting backlinks from other authority websites that are relevant to what you are writing about in your online store. Since Google was attacked by spammers who abused the on-page optimization methods and spammed it. So now Google ranks you well mainly based on how many backlinks you have from other authority websites in your niche. For example if you are writing about cars and you have a backlink from, then Google considers your website to be very related to cars. Since you normally can’t get good backlinks from such authority websites, the best thing that you can do is to get backlinks by writing articles or putting backlinks in videos or publish articles in web2.0 sites such as squidoo and other similar ones. Backlinks are basically what you need for successful optimization for your online store.

Follow the exact steps that I have listed above here and some more listed in my blog and you will have taken another big step towards marketing and promoting your ecommerce store.

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