Exploring Tons River in North India

River rafting is, indeed, a great way to play with the chilled flow of waters and rough rapids on the water courses. This adventure sport is something which rules over the mind and heart of those people, who keep interest to collect some cherishable adventure moments in their lifetime. If you are among them and are looking for rafting opportunities in India, then take a look at rafting zones in Tons River.

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Flowing through the Garhwal region in the northernmost part of the country, Tons River is the largest tributary of river Yamuna. The source of Tons lies in Bandarpunch Mountain, situated 6,315 meters above the sea level. It is said that this tributary holds more quantity water than its source, the Yamuna; thereby offering rafting opportunities to the rafters visiting Uttarakhand. The steady flow of whitewaters gets separated into flat water areas, somewhat 100 yards and represents the spectacular vista of the surrounding mountains. However, the Tons River offers a plethora of rapids varying from Class III to Class IV to Class V and suits best for experienced rafters. If you are ready to navigate the whitewater, then be prepared to receive the strokes of rough rapids while taking on the river journey.

The Tons River meets Kalsi, situated about 51 km away from Dehradun in Uttarakhand. A raft across the watercourse offers the incredible beauty of Tons valley. It is situated in Jaunsar Bawar of Garhwal and represents the worth-appreciating natural beauty of Best IT Company in Dehradun. On the arrival on valley, you can make a visit to Netwar temple which was built by Pandavas, the mythological characters of the epic Mahabharata. Further, you can consider taking a relaxing walk on the valley so as to explore the wild habitats. While walking, you might come across the wild animals like snow leopards, bear, brown bear, musk Deer etc. Moreover, you may find some endangered species of birds such as Himalayan Snow cock, Golden eagle, Steppe eagle, Black eagle Bearded vulture and lots more.

In order to add attraction to your outdoor adventure, you can think about experiencing camping in the Tons Valley. You will certainly feel best of your times while making tented camps on the bank of the rivers. Further, you can make your trip memorable by arranging camp-fires, hiking through the alpine forests and many more.

To experience fun-filled journey on Tons River and its surrounding areas, you can think about taking assistance from some reliable tour operators in India. A few tour service providers are known to offer total tons tonnage river expedition for 11 days or more. So, spare out some time to contact a reliable tour guide and make plan to explore the Tons River in Uttarakhand!

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