Ford World Sales

Fords attempt to globalise their business was initially hindered due to localised tastes and demands, with the attempt to sell popular American cars overseas proving ineffective. Even switching the models to automatics or manuals and creating both right and left hand drive cars had little impact on the saleability of the Ford cars in the various countries around the world. Ford began to create models specific to countries and areas, such as the Ford Mondeo in Europe, which met the tastes and demands of the home countries, whilst being unpopular overseas, even in the U.S market where Ford is based NEW YORK ASIAN ESCORTS AGENCY.

Automaker Toyota showed much better worldwide performances in car sales and by 2003 could claim better worldwide sales compared to that of Fords. Ford now sits as the fourth largest automaker worldwide, with Toyota, GM and Volkswagen outperforming in car sales.
In Europe, cars were typically produced in the United Kingdom and Germany, with both producing the Escort and Capri, and also the Taunus and Cortina which were identical cars although fitted with different driving sides for its European and UK customers. With production switching to European countries to reduce costs, the cars produced in Europe commonly performed well in its market but poorly overseas in America and Asia. The production of the Ford Focus sparked a switch in trends however, with the Focus performing well in the overseas markets, in America, and Asian countries such as Japan. After 90 years the production of Ford cars in the UK ceased, with the company continuing to produce the Ford Transit and other Ford parts. Ford cars are still produced across many European countries, including; Span, Belgium, and Germany.
Australia did not take to the Ford Mondeo like the Europeans, with the Ford Falcon performing much better in sales, a bigger car which was designed to meet the demands locally, where the smaller models, such as the Mondeo, were in decline. The two main cars within the Asian pacific, the Falcon and the GM produced Holden Commodore, make up over twenty percentage of the sales of new cars, outselling rivals.

Ford has sold models in Africa, with a cease in involvement between 88 and 94 due to the apartheid, mainly through its merger with Anglo American to form SAMCOR. During the period when Ford ceased its stake in the group, SAMCOR began selling Mazda models to replace the Ford cars, but upon taking a stake in the group in 1994 Ford began to sell Ford models, including local versions.

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