Autel Maxisys MS919 – Automotive Grade Components

Autel Maxisys MS919X is just a fully-integrated portable analyze medical analyzer with built-in Wireless and WiFi connectivity for computer customers to screen with the device with a USB cable to conduct numerous troubleshooting practices from their desktops, laptops or other portable devices. The MaxiSYS is an advanced nine-inch full-touch smartphone-powered diagnostic pill, powered by a powerful Octa Key model (2.3 GHz Quad + 1.7 GHz Quad), 128GB central memory and contains the MaxiFlash VCMI, a 5-In-1 data and diagnostic instrument providing instant car networking between your automobile and diagnostic pill and supporting the most up-to-date DoIP D-PAK and Brilliant CAN car transmission protocols. The VCMI provides as a four-channel multimeter, spectrum analyzer, energy monitor, temperature monitor, and instant diagnostic transmitter. Furthermore, additionally it provides as a easy to use Wireless headset.


The Maxisys MS919X is definitely an eleven.4 inch high touchscreen display smartphone with a sizable QWERTY keyboard and comes filled with a set of headphones in black, bright and red to appeal to various consumers needs. It includes two-tone multi-tonic keyboard to enhance your typing skills. It features a beautiful and large capacitive electronic keyboard to enable comfortable operation. It comes with a large LCD touchscreen display to create browsing through the large screen simple Maxisys MS919.

The telephone comes with a large and bright AMOLED screen to offer greater observing power and improved clarity. The telephone features a powerful dual-core 1.5ghz octa-core cellular model operating on the Samsung Technology’Exynos processor. The dual-core running is among the newest in the cellular industry and promises you exemplary performance.

The Samsung Universe S8 has got the sophisticated Smart Renew Technology which uses a refreshed graphical user interface to provide a creatively beautiful screen for easier navigation and control. Smart Renew Technology keeps the data in the phone up-to-date with the newest home elevators the Samsung Schedule, Samsung Records, Samsung S Voice and many other applications. The cloud-based data manager preserves client and car records, scanner data, seller records and driver profiles. The specialist records application is ideal for preservation automation and assists maintain the most up-to-date data in your Samsung Universe S8.

The Samsung Universe S8 gives a comprehensive array of companies to simplify your life. Autel Maxisys MS919 provides an considerable array of scientific improvements, including high definition movie monitoring to completely highlighted sound and aesthetic facilities. You may get round the time help, round the time crisis help, and get your vehicles repaired at extraordinary rates simply by calling Autel Maxisys Portable Digital Restoration Services. With sophisticated diagnostics companies and a comprehensive listing of components and parts, this company protects your entire preservation needs.

One of the latest semi technologies, the chi (virtual cell monitor) is an excellent tool that is effective with the vce (virtual display) and the a (real time connectivity). That multi-tasking unit is designed to help you stay attached through your time, while simultaneously providing remarkable performance. When you have the Samsung Universe S8, the vce is the right friend for you, whilst the touchscreen gives improved functionality.

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