Find Casio Sy 30 2.7 Portable Color LCD TV at the Lowest Price Possible!

Well the holidays are over, but that doesn’t mean the entertainment has to end along with it. You still crave the feel of getting your favorite programs, sports events, reality shows, news or weather broadcasts whenever and where ever you want them! Why should you have to leave any of that behind? Now, you don’t! Take for instance the Casio SY-30 2.7-Inch Portable Color LCD TV, the tiny TV you can take anywhere! Not only is it hand held and perfectly portable, but this little guy has some awesome features!

Check them out! The Casio SY-30 2.7-Inch Portable Color LCD TV features a 2.7 inch color screen, water and shock resistant (a great feature if you have small children around), anti-glare passive matrix technology (Ti-STN) which ensures you get the best possible visibility, even in the noon sun, 118,800 pixels (that’s a lot of pixels) for outstanding picture clarity, AC input, external antenna jack, A/V input jack (lets you hook up an external device such as a video-game console or a camcorder), earphone jack (great for kids or frequent flyers), rod antenna (for a little extra help in places with lower reception, and your choice of either AC or battery operation! By the way, you get approximately 4 hours battery life from 4 AA batteries (not included) Autel maxisys mselite.

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Perfect for home, office, air, train or bus travel, for your car, boat even your horse trailer. Perfect for camping, fishing or hunting trips! Excellent for those sports and reality fans! Take it with you to the pool or the beach! You can use it in your kitchen, garage, workshop, greenhouse, outhouse, on your roof, in your basement, attic or closet! Great for businessmen, truck drivers or even college students away from home! Who couldn’t benefit from carrying around one of these Casio SY-30 2.7-Inch Portable Color LCD TV’s? It’s also a perfect addition to your emergency kit for events when you can’t get to your regular television set. Great for hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, earthquakes, meteor showers or any other natural disaster where you are forced to hunker down. Feel safe when you send your kids out for a sleepover or scouting trip because they will always have access to their favorite programs and news stations!

Now you never have to miss your favorite programs while away from your home television. When you’re going to be on the road or out of doors and you just have to catch the game, you’ll want a TV as small as your pocket and as rugged as you. Plus, it’s small enough to fit into your backpack, purse, or briefcase! Never be stuck without access to civilization again, and at a total weight of 1 pound you can carry it anywhere! On top of all of these excellent features it has a full one-year parts/labor warranty. Duh, it’s a Casio SY-30 2.7-Inch Portable Color LCD TV!

The Casio SY-30 2.7-Inch Portable Color LCD TV make a great Christmas, Birthday, Graduation or Anniversary gift! However, please note that after February 17th, 2009 you will need a converter box to receive broadcasts.

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