Clear Land Of Weeds

The purchase of a newly constructed house in a country setting presents landscaping challenges to clear land of weeds and other unwanted growth. Clearing the land of its weeds requires different strategies which are not required when purchasing a house in a suburban area with its well established and manicured lawn.

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The excitement of having built your house to fit your needs and desires allows for your ideas of landscaping to unfold. I tend to be an adventurous soul and will try to do most everything myself, however, if you are not willing to be experimental and getting your hands dirty with mother earth’s soil; then it is best to hire a professional landscape designer unique weed pipes.

A clean slate of land

A clean slate of land around a new home construction site will need additional clearing and refining. The construction crew has cleared the land of the large trees, much overgrown shrubbery, weeds, and grasses, as well as trash which was dumped on the land by people not going to the landfills.

Plan landscaping ideas

Be prepared to research, study, and have an objective view of how you want your property to look as it accents the new architectural lines of the house. Take time to plan your landscaping. Lack of planning will cause loss of time and money.

Locate wires and pipes

Before starting the process of digging, I recommend that you note the location of wires and pipes which surround the house. Mark these utilities with small flags or sticks to prevent accidents. A gushing water pipe, no wiring for electricity for cooking and viewing television at day’s end will be a negative reminder of the shovel or the pick which were wickedly destructive in your hands.

Remove roots

Digging, hoeing, raking, and tilling to clear land of weeds is a lot of work, but it is worth the effort to have every weed removed from its roots. Killing sprays will not be enough. You want permanent removal and it may take a few times before you are able to truly have your weeds cleared. Remind yourself that this is virgin property which has not been tilled by man.

The land may have been cleared by the construction crew; however, seeds from the plants which were removed have dropped on the land and are going to grow again. Set aside your local gymnasium membership, you will be getting a lot of exercise and muscle-building wrestling with Mother Nature.

First aid

Wear gloves. Along with weeds there are critters. There are all types of crawling and flying insects, toads and frogs, and snakes which will be uncovered. A first aid kit should be within reach. Vinegar is a great first aid for bee stings or to remove itchiness from insect bites.

Shoveling and tilling

If shoveling is too difficult for you, rent or purchase a tiller and uproot all the weeds. Let me emphasize, you need to remove the weeds by the roots. Weeds will continue to grow from their roots or their seeds.

Death sentence

Virgin property will need to be cleared several times. There is no one time miracle. After clearing the land, prepare the soil by raking the area, which will help to rid of more weeds and debris.

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