Employing LCD Enclosures for Advertising in the Leisure Industry

Deploying an eye-catching LCD screen with protective LCD enclosures in the meeting area of a leisure complex will create attention, where the passing members and guests will stop and take in the moving images. This has been deliberately placed to market goods and promotions, selling merchandise and vouchers.

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Marketing has evolved from the traditional static advertising board to an innovative and motivational LCD screen, which can be defended even further by a casing. This means that the display can then be positioned outside, maybe on the entrance to the building or in the car park, where special joining deals or promotions can be shown, enticing more members to join MaxiIM IM608.

The initial outlay for this piece of technical kit is easily recovered by selling additional marketing spots to associate partners and those suppliers or companies that would benefit from a revolutionary form of advertising. But protection is needed in leisure centres from accidental harm when individuals are playing ball games, etc. This is why LCD enclosures are essential to defend the LCD TVs from harm.

Refreshing the content for the advertising project, is also relatively trouble-free as the world-wide-web is the source for transferring the data, therefore lowering the ‘down-time’ for an installer to attend site to program the software, or install a USB into the hard drive, reducing the potential loss of an extra income from the sales created by the advertisements. Any modifications to the campaign, amendments or updates can also be accessed remotely, giving the maximum possible opportunity for the ad features to work effectively.

The LCD digital display panels can be hung in any number of ways. Hanging from a ceiling mount is effective, particularly if wall or floor space is at a premium, or a wall mount provides an eye level line of vision, directed at the buyer. Free standing or floor standing units offer a flexible option, though these can be fixed for safety and security if required. The weather will not affect any outdoor screens, as they are totally water proof inside a LCD enclosure, in fact, it is possible to wash them down with a high pressure water jet, should they need cleaning due to the weather, graffiti or grime.

Consideration should be made when fitting the panels inside too. Moisture and corrosive materials like cleaning fluids or chlorine can be hazardous; nevertheless they are very well safeguarded for such use.

Fitting an LCD electronic display screen will enhance the reception environment, promote facilities and add a revenue stream through extra sales. This is an opportunity to be known as a ground-breaking leisure complex, which may even encourage more members to join. But don’t forget to protect the LCD screen with LCD enclosures, built from steel, these strong units provide all the safety the equipment need in this environment.

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