A Suggestion For Alleviating Atopic Skins

Not everybody has beautifully clear skin. Some have dry and blotchy skin. Others have blemishes, too much pigment, or too little.   

About 20% of the population have the inherited condition called atopy, which can lead to various degrees of dry skin or even eczema. People with this problem need to take extra care of their skin.  The cause of atopy is not known precisley, but probably due to genetics.   

A little known product in the US  from France, the A-Derma Exomega line is proving quite popular with customers who are familiar with it.  A-Derma used to be marketed in the US  Derma Prime Plus directly, but now can be hard to find in stores if at all. 

The choice is for consumer to either order from an online from a pharmacy in French, which can be tricky as shipping costs are high and the shipping is done by Coliposte which is the French national postal service – we have had items shipped with them in the past and while the packages have eventually arrived in varying states of condition, the wait at times seems to be endless. 

The alternative is to find a US-based supplier where you can get US-style service in ‘English.  In France this product is freely available at parapharmacies over the counter. 

The French seem to have a flair for developing skincare products that are practical but at the same time cost effective – the mystery is why A-Derma is no longer available in the United States – popular still with a cadre of customers who rarely order only one at a time.

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