What Is That Smart Phone Fuss All About?

The first mobile phones were so big that they resembled a military communications device with the antenna sticking upfront. Then the manufacturers started the war of “who makes a smaller one”. Nokia, Samsung, Alcatel, Ericsson… – you name it. My first mobile was Ericsson – foldable model, though the first foldable part had more of a keyboard protection function and if it broke – the phone would still function without almost any setbacks. I can’t remember the exact model number. When finally small phones optimal barrier was reached, manufacturers thought of stuffing the devices with any functions you might (or wouldn’t) need – calendar, clocks, alerts, calculator, games, conference functions and so on and so forth. I admit most of them are quite needy and with my Nokia 6210 I am making use of almost every possible improvement and feature. Maybe with the exception of some games or radio options, because I don’t have much time to play, plus I never felt any satisfaction when playing on a phone. If I play – I play hard on a PC with a 17 inch screen size, not some Lilliputian cell screen. Anyway, right now I have been noticing a growing demand for smart phones. I have read some reviews about them and it got me thinking about their functions – do I really need all of them and maybe the whole fuss is a bit exaggerated?

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For instance the one thing they are trying to emphasize is the ability to chat and browse the internet. Well, that’s fine, but the fee for the internet on the phone is still enormous, comparing with what you get on a regular PC at home. Besides, the typing is still too slow, compared with a regular computer keyboard and the screen is still too small (at least for me) to have a satisfying internet browsing. Maybe the features are targeted more at youth sitting on Facebook or other social sites, but then again we come to the second point Realme X7 Max.

Price is still an obstacle for many. Three hundred dollars and more is still a decent sum of money for such a gadget, whose main function was receiving and making a call. Yes, I know, it is also a reasonable schedule planner, music or mp3 player, both video and photo camera, excellent radio, excellent calculator when you need one, Bluetooth, WAP, super chronometer and more. Well, my old Nokia has all those functions. And after three and a half years it still holds four days when in use. I think it will be impossible for a smart phone to hold a charge that long.

Well, maybe I don’t have GPRS, Facebook accessories, YouTube playback support or the newest games. Maybe my phone is not that fast and you still have to use small keyboard instead of just tapping your fingers on a touch screen. Yes, there are some drawbacks, but what I am trying to say is this – just think twice about getting a smart phone, especially, if a price is high. And if your answer is yes, I still want it…well, here you go – check the two link below – they are one of the finest newest Smart phone reviews.

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