Vitamin D

Current Research on Vitamin D – Two different conclusions

At the University of Toronto School of Medicine’s “Diagnosis and Treatment of Vitamin D Deficiency” conference in 2009, Dr Cedric Garland said he believes that Vitamin D is the cure for breast cancer. Dr Garland announced in his speech that breast cancer can be virtually eradicated by raising vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D was the biggest buzz in medicine in 2009. Scientific findings connect it with the reduction of risks in a number of cancer, heart disease, multiple scleroses, premature birth, colorectal, prostate, autoimmune disease and many other disorders.

U.S. Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences still recommends 200 IU per day for all individuals under 50 years old. The current research, however, indicates a much higher dosage, 1,000-2000 IU per day. Some researchers feel the dosage should be much higher Prostate Protocol for individuals with a wide range of health problems.

The Mayo Clinic has also been doing extensive research on Vitamin D. The current recommendations for dosage still recommends the current dosage. They do recognize the great possibilities of Vitamin D, however, but recommend a dosage not to exceed 2,000 IU because of the possibility of toxicity.

It seems that Vitamin D therapy could be the greatest miracle of the millennium. But, there is some opposition to these findings. Trevor Marshall, PhD, recently co-chaired the 6th International Congress on Autoimmunity. He presented his team’s findings from the past eight years

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