What is the Flat Belly Diet? Read on to Find Out!

In this article we are going to take a quick look at the flat belly diet. This has become a popular topic on the talk show scene as of late, as well as on many popular blogs, forums and on line weight loss magazines. So let’s take a quick peek at some of the facts, figures and other important considerations that you need to factor in to get that “flat belly” we all so desperately want! Read on..:-)

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Written by two popular health writers (including the editor of Prevention Magazine) the flat belly diet promises UP to a loss of 15 pounds in 32 days, and targets, as I’m sure you Okinawa Flat belly tonic can guess…the fat around the mid section area. The diet is basically comprised of 1600 calories a day, and is broken down into 4 meals of 400 calories a piece. As for food selection? Well, you’ve got a fair amount of choices to pick from, as all of the foods are pretty much interchangeable throughout the day..and the diet.

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Simply stated, the secret ingredient of this particular plan is the addition of MUFA (mono saturated fats) with every meal. Sunflower seeds, Avocados, some Chocolates and more are, in theory anyway, supposed to whittle away at those hard to reach fat deposits that keep us all a bit chunky in the gut!

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While some of the components sound great, for the most part, in our opinion, it’s pretty much your standard fare Mediterranean diet with the MUFA element thrown in! If the Mediterranean diet appeals to you, and 1600 calories a day for 32 days seems reasonable, it might be worth trying. (although at heart, there is nothing tremendously new or revolutionary here at all)

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