The Feng Shui of Strategizing: Understanding the Nature of Your Universe

Strategi Pemasaran, the latest of our “Cultural Mindset for a Healthy Life” series focuses on adalah dengan, or the five senses. Adalah Dengan is the basis for all our other five senses – smell, touch, taste, and hearing. When we can’t use our five senses to effectively evaluate a product or service, our brain uses its built-in mechanism, called the adalah, to compensate. This is actually good news, because it means that our body can stay healthy by using all five of its senses. The five senses come into their own, however, when they’re used in tandem, that is, when they’re utilized in a synergistic fashion when there’s a balance between them, and when they’re used in the right order.

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That is exactly what our ancient predecessors the Aztecs, and the people of the Philippines today, tried to accomplish through adalah dengan, which meant, in English, to smell the world. The artistry involved in this was so powerful that the ancient Aztecs could only smell things that had been previously inhaled. They weren’t just blowing sand or air into their nostrils, but rather, using a powdery substance they created, much like today’s blowing powders, a very powerful odor, which was the most alluring smell known to man strategi pemasaran. This was actually the very first sense to be developed; smell was the very first to be discovered. In fact, our very bodies are made to detect the smell, which is one of the reasons we become excited when we smell something new, or when we meet someone we’ve been attracted to for a long time.

Now, to bring this full circle, our ancient predecessors’ attempts to make sense of the world were met with some very big obstacles. Basically, they couldn’t make sense of the world without visualizing it. This was a very tough feat, considering that seeing the physical world was a very complex process, and trying to visualize it without actually getting your nose to the ground was next to impossible. Thus, they needed to make use of more sophisticated means of looking at the world around them. This is where the concept of strategizing adalah came into play.

In fact, strategizing was the very first method employed by our forefathers. However, it was only after many attempts that they finally found a way to get their nose down to the earth and smelling things up close and personal. Through reading the ancient texts and studying the glyphs that they used, and picturing things in their surroundings, the early Aztec people were able to figure out where the Sun rose in the morning and set in the evening. This is called a media sisial, which means the Sun moved in four of directions, and they determined how the seasons worked through figuring out which direction each of the four sun rose points.

In modern times, we still follow a similar strategy when it comes to looking at the world. The advent of calculators, for instance, made it so that we could solve problems involving the positions of major celestial bodies and determine the times of day when different celestial bodies were rising or setting. This, of course, was the forerunner of modern astrology. This is where strategizing really pays off. By using the various angles and diagrams that are incorporated in a media signal, we are able to predict exactly when different celestial bodies will rise and set.

This, however, isn’t our only way of strategizing. We also use various other methods such as doing the reverse to see what the exact opposite of whatever it is that we’re trying to predict will be. The crux of all of this is that our knowledge of the forces of nature are almost limitless, and that even with our limited knowledge we can create far more predictive outcomes than we can possible imagine. That’s why it’s always good to stick with the tried and true, even when things look uncertain.

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