Men’s Clothing – Style Versus Function

The fashion world is always buzzing with news and announcements on the coming of newer clothing trends for both genders. However, no one seems to take into account the impact that men’s clothing can have on our lives. The clothing industry caters mainly to men, but the women’s apparel market is just as huge. As much as men may like all the latest trends, it is women who have to put up with all the accompanying pain. It is the women of the world who have to put up with uncomfortable clothing, impractical purchases, and low self esteem due to the fact that they do not look like the models in the magazines.

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The women’s clothing industry is a multi-million dollar business. This vast business is made possible because of the popularity of the fashion. More people are buying clothing especially for use in special occasions such as weddings, proms, and the like W√≥lka Kosowska hurtownie. The women’s clothing industry caters to all these needs successfully, and there are more outlets for men’s clothing as well. However, both the men’s and the women’s clothing industries are competing fiercely for the sales and the market share.

Men’s clothing is generally of low quality and of inferior fashion. Some of the low quality and inauspicious designs include polo shirts of bad taste, sweat shirts, and shorts. There are some men who wear sweat shirts to their workplace despite the workplace being cool. However, it is the women’s clothing industry, which have to answer for these kinds of men, who do not mind showing off in front of other people, but feel uncomfortable showing it off in public places such as the ballroom or the dance floor. For the women of the world, their self esteem is directly affected by the way they look, and how they are treated in public.

In today’s scenario, women are assertive and strong. They are no longer willing to sit back and take it; they want to have a say in everything that happens to them. The impact of the fashion trends on the men and women’s clothing industry has been quite far reaching. This factor is further accentuated when you keep in mind that the women’s clothing industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, and there is very little scope for either the manufacturers or the retailers to change their strategies for dealing with this menace.

So, what does one do? If he or she wants to maintain or create a good image in front of other people, then men’s clothing can be changed very easily. There are many professional men’s suits designers who have come up with special and unique designs for men’s clothing, and have even gone ahead to launch their own line of women’s clothing. Moreover, the major players in the women’s clothing sector have also launched their own lines of women’s clothing, which have distinct designs from the men’s wear. So, this factor is out of balance, and one has to maintain balance as well.

So, what are the ways through which you can create a different look in front of others while sticking to the basic principle of men’s clothing? You may use the same style of men’s clothing while adding a touch of womens wear to it. The best way to accessorize men’s clothing is with a blazer and a tie. A tie is very much required for office wear while women’s clothing can be accessorized with skirts, blouses and a blouse. The tie could be used along with a shirt and trouser to make a complete outfit.

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